Power Inverter Price in Nigeria

Best Prices and Deals for Power Inverters at Leading Online Stores in Nigeria. Compare prices and models and find the best price in Nigeria for Power Generators. Power Inverter Price in Nigeria starts at around ₦25,000.

Choosing an Inverter

Enjoy Silent Operation and Zero Emission Power Supply in your Home of Office. Smart Shopping at the very best prices for Power Inverters.

Power inverters are alternatives to a power generator when it comes to supplying backup or standby power during power failure. Standby power is now critical in Nigeria because of epileptic power supply in the country.

Sukam is one of the leading brands. Su-Kam inverters are designed for fluctuation and noise free performance. SuKam inverters can also automatically switch to battery mode when there is a power outbreak (automatic changeover), saving you from manually starting the system. Inverters supply backup power via their batteries. Before buying an inverter, you must be clear on how you will charge the battery.

Mercury is another popular brand. You can buy Mercury Inverter for low power applications as is the case for homes and offices. Most Mercury Inverter models we have seen offer from 1.2KVA to 5KVA power capacity, which can handle applications in homes and small offices.

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